Cupert Technology create leading mobile accessories in the heart of Silicon Valley.
Our name comes from the cradle of innovation where our global HQ is based - Cupertino, USA. Think of us as true pioneers, producing ground-breaking solutions for mobile users.

Cupert is a young company, founded in 2015, but we have established roots in our highly experienced teams, based in Denmark and California. Danish design and attention to product detail are famous throughout the world and our US sales and strategy teams help brilliantly bring our ideas to you, the user. Our R&D team, also based in California, ensure that we develop solutions that put us way ahead of the competition.

As a result, we are proud to deliver the magical combination of world-beating design, superb functionality and cutting-edge quality. Simply put, we produce high tech accessories that mobile users across the globe really rate. Our launch range includes CINDER, the first-of-its-kind curved glass screen protector for iPhone 6 that provides unmatched quality and an unbeatable experience for users.

We believe in quality from start to finish. All our products are manufactured in an ISO-9001-certified factory, using the best engineering practices and facilities to deliver precision and quality in line with strict industry standards.

Now we are all set to launch a complete range of cutting-edge mobile accessories that deliver absolute luxury and perfect convenience for all.

Mobile lovers, watch this space!