What materials are used in making Cupert glass screen protectors?

All Cupert glass screen protectors are made of a glass composite consisting of 12 layers of materials resulting in 9H hardness - 3 times stronger than regular PET film - including:

Tempered glass
Oleophobic coating
Nano-tech based adhesive
Light adjustment film
Color rendition
Crystal clear coating
Anti-Shatter film
Silicone coating
Electrostatic bonding

Cupert’s highly-advanced formulation and processing technique ensures superior protection for your device in an ultra-thin screen protector. This allows our glass screen protectors to feel more flexible, thinner, and have lighter weight, similar to plastic or Plexiglas, but offer the crystal-clear screen clarity, a silky smooth feel to the fingertips, a better touch response and a level of screen protection that can only be found in a tempered glass screen solution.

What does ‘9H hardness’ mean?

How hard is 9H? 9H refers to the “pencil hardness” of a coating achieved in the “pencil test.” In the pencil test, small lines are drawn across the coating surface using graded pencils of increasing levels of hardness. No scratch is a pass and you move on to a harder grade. A standard pencil is graded at 2 HB in the US (#2 pencil), a super hard technical drawing pencil is 7H, and the hardest is 9H. Coatings which are so hard that even the 9H pencil won't scratch them receive a 9H rating to designate their hardness.

What is 'Oleophobic’ Coating?

All Cupert screen protectors have an oleophobic coating on them. This helps keep off fingerprints, oils, dust, and other contaminants and makes the screen protector surface easy to clean. You will notice a smoother surface look and feel to the touch with the coating.

Will my screen protector shatter into tiny glass shards if broken?

All Cupert screen protectors contain an anti-shatter film. Our products are made from real glass. However, the screen will break within the film if shattered and remain stuck to your phone. If the screen is chipped or cracked, please be cautious of the edges as they can be sharp.

How is Cupert’s tempered glass created?

Cupert uses an advanced fusion process that starts with raw materials and then blends them to create our unique ultra-thin, ultra-clear, ultra-resilient glass. An ion exchange process then chemically strengthens our glass. To effect this process, our glass is placed in a bath of molten salt at approximately 400 degrees C. The smaller sodium ions leave the glass, and larger potassium ions replace them. These larger ions press together as the glass cools, creating a layer of compressive stress on the surface of the glass. This makes our Cupert 9H hardness tempered glass more resistant to damage.

What are the advantages of using a Cupert tempered glass screen protector?

The unique, 12-layer formulation used in creating our Cupert premium-quality tempered glass screen protectors delivers a superbly durable 9H hardness, making them far more resistant to damage such as impacts, scratches, chipping and breaking. And they are bubble free. Cupert screen protectors are ultra-thin and precision fit to your iPhone screen. They offer superior crystal-clear screen clarity, a silky smooth feel to the fingertips, and their sleek design means better touch sensitivity and response, making them more compatible with today’s iPhone touch technology requirements, such as 3D Touch.

Why are Cupert glass screen protectors better than plastic film protectors?

Film protectors only protect against scratches. Cupert glass screen protectors not only protect against scratches, but also dust, fingerprints, oil, water, shocks and impacts. Standard plastic film protectors have problems with screen clarity and distortion, as well as air bubbles and hazes occurring because the protector is not solid. Installation is often highly frustrating and reusing a film protector can extremely difficult, if not impossible - which is why many most plastic film screen protectors recommend simply replacing them. Cupert screen protectors are washable and reusable.

What makes the adhesive used in Cupert’s screen protectors so superior?

Cupert’s exceptional adhesive is based upon our unique formulation using nano-technology. It’s designed for the ultimate in installation ease and durability, as well as maximum reusability. Most importantly, it was specially created to provide the optimal adhesion solution, allowing our protectors to more effectively compensate for inaccuracies or variations in the iPhone glass. It’s an active adhesive that never ‘dries’, and can be easily manipulated when heated.

Do Cupert protectors resist all kinds of scratches?

Our Cupert protectors achieve a hardness of 9H, 3 times stronger than regular PET film, which makes them extremely scratch resistant to any material of lower hardness levels, such as metal, wood and plastic. They will resist everyday accidental contact scratches from objects like keys and coins.

Materials of a same or higher hardness levels can scratch the glass - things such like glass, stone, sand, diamond, bricks and concrete. While scratching your actual screen protector may be possible with strong deliberate force, the Cupert screen protector will still leave your iPhone screen in pristine condition - achieving the sole goal of a screen protector.

Are Cupert screen protectors unbreakable?

Anything can be broken if enough force is applied. With normal day-to-day use, a Cupert glass screen protector is very strong. However, with strong shock damage, like hitting it VERY hard with a hammer (you CAN do that with a Cupert screen protector, as demonstrated in our video, but we don’t advise doing it!) or dropping it onto tile or concrete, it may break, yet still leave your iPhone in perfect condition. In other words, it will do its job of absorbing any potentially damaging impact and effectively protecting your expensive iPhone screen. Cupert products do offer exceptional protection, but tempered glass CAN break in certain circumstances.

Is my iPhone screen guaranteed not to break if I’m using a Cupert glass screen protector?

Anything can be broken if it encounters enough force. However, our Cupert glass screen protectors are designed to increase your iPhone screen breakage resistance to an exceptional degree. Only the very hardest, most severe blows may damage your actual iPhone. In the majority of events or accidents, a Cupert glass screen protector will completely absorb the shock and perfectly protect your iPhone screen - exactly as it was designed to do.