What’s the difference between CINDER and ECLIPSE?

Our CINDER screen protector features curved glass edges designed to custom-fit the entire surface of your iPhone 6 and 6s Series glass screen. CINDER comes with either a black or white custom border, and is compatible with a limited number of cases/bumpers due to its unique edge-to-edge glass construction.

Our ECLIPSE screen protector is flat, but still covers 90% of the glass surface - protecting the entire area where your iPhone glass screen is flat. It also comes with either a black or white custom border. ECLIPSE was created to fit most cases and bumpers.

What’s the difference between ECLIPSE and PHANTOM?

Our PHANTOM screen protector is also flat, but it has no colored border. It covers 80% of your iPhone’s glass screen surface, and is designed to be compatible with every case and bumper available.

All three of our unique CUPERT screen protectors were specifically created for the iPhone 6 and 6s Series. They offer crystal-clear screen clarity, an icy, smooth feel to the fingertips, and complete 3D Touch compatibility.