Top rating 9/10 stars.
'After the two weeks of intensive testing I regret I didn’t discover the Cinder earlier. Not a scratch or even a micro-scratch was anywhere to be seen.'

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CINDER featured as the first available accessory and the only available screen protection for the iPhone 6s series!

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'Cinder looks almost invisible, offers extra protection for your smartphone, and if you are looking for a higher-end screen protector it’s definitely worth considering.'

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Mobile Reviewers EH

'The PERFECT screen protector for the iPhone 6 Series'
'Higest ever rating for a screen protector'
'I prefer having CINDER on my iPhone rather than a naked iPhone'

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'Cinder 0.2 mm Curved Gorilla Glass Screen Protector for iPhone6: Thin, Curved and Beautiful!'
'Install was an absolute pleasure: fast, easy and no pesky bubbles.'

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Reusability feature

'To begin, the install was super simple. The adhesive is fantastic. Once I laid it down on the screen, the adhesive basically did all the work for me.'

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'In our next issue of iPhone Life Magazine, we feature a head-to-head matchup of two great screen protectors...'

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'The curved edges too are extreamly smooth and very nice to the touch. Combined with the thickness, it makes pressing the home button very pleasurable and and it certainly feel likes there is truly nothing on the screen.'

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'Die Entwickler haben uns ein Testexemplar zukommen lassen, von dem wir wirklich positiv angetan sind. Ich habe bisher kein Displayglas gesehen und gefühlt, das an den Rändern wirklich so geschmeidig abgerundet ist.'

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'CINDER‬ featured on in episode 067 from 01:19:30 - also available as podcast on iTunes'

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